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The Shallow Lake Skating Club has been teaching top quality skills necessary for all winter ice sports since 1978.


We are a proud member of Skate Canada/Skate Ontario and our programs adhere with their strict guidelines.


In Shallow Lake we pride ourselves in making skating and learning to skate fun and safe.  We are a not-for-profit organization that is run by volunteers as well as Nationally Certified Professional Coaches.  It is our aim to help all skaters reach their goals and promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of the colour of skates they wear.

Painting by Shallow Lake Skating Club Alumnist Caprice Ricks


Parent & Tot and CANSkate

CANSkate is a learn to skate program that meets the needs of skaters of all ages introducing them to the fundamental movements of going forward, backward, stopping, turning, spinning and jumping. The movements are explored in six stages and are relevant to hockey and ringette skills as well as figure skating. . After completing the CANSkate program a skater can advance to STARSkate and feel confident with other ice sports as well.

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Skills, Test, Achievement, Recognition 

STARSkate is for all ages of skaters interested in pursuing figure skating either recreationally or competitively. Professionally trained Coaches guide students through test in Skills, Dance, Freeskate as well as Artistic Skating.  Fundamentals are assessed through coaches as well as accredited evaluators.

Adult skating is growing in popularity and Shallow Lake is excited to be able to offer this program. Adults participate in CanSkate, STARSkate and can be as serious or recreational as they chose.


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Head Coach

Coaching since 1991
NCCP Level 2



Coaching since 1989

NCCP Level 2



Coaching since 2013

NCCP Level 1