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Clothing should provide warmth and allow movement. Layering is a good idea. Jeans are not recommended. Nor are pants that fall below the level of the boot heel or have wide bell bottoms as skaters may catch their blades/toe picks in these types of pants thus resulting in a fall. Little girls in CANSkate may love to wear skating dresses but these may not be practical. If there is no getting around it, wear two layers of tights, wear a turtleneck underneath and a sweater over top. For all levels, warm mittens or gloves are necessary.

Cathy Thede of Steppin' Out in Woodford has a great selection of dresses and tights for skaters.


These are mandatory for CanSkaters up to and including Stage 5. If you are unsure if your child should wear a helmet, please talk to your coach. DO NOT have any stickers on your helmet as it nulifies any warrenty on the helmet!  CSA approved hockey helmets MUST be worn either with cage or without.  Helments can be purchased in different colours to satisfy the skaters. If your child is in hockey, please do not let them wear their mouth guard during skating session as this is for hockey use only.  Bicycle helmets are NOT permitted.

                           SKATE CANADA HELMET POLICY



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