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Skates are the most important and expensive piece of equipment you will buy, so making the right choice is very important.

For a skater starting out, skates and blades can be purchased as a unit in a department or sporting goods store. When purchasing skates, look for firm ankle supports and boots made of leather. Molded skates should be avoided as they are not flexible in the cold, giving the skater less control. This might lead to injury during a fall.

Once a skater moves beyond CANSkate, a higher quality of boot and blade are needed in order to handle the more technical aspects of the sport. Your coach can provide advice as to the make of skate and blade, price ranges and shops where figure skates are available.

We recommend purchasing skates from Edee's in Listowel or The Figure Skating Boutique in Newmarket/Toronto


Skates should be sharpened when purchased. A reputable skate sharpener is recommended as blades can be expensive to replace. Some department or sporting store sharpeners may ask if you wish to remove the toe pick. DO NOT REMOVE THIS TOE PICK! It is an important design of figure skate blades used to perform some skills and essential for proper balance.

Skates should be sharpened after 20-30 hours of skating. 

We recommend having your skates sharpened by Gord Lamont at The Plex in Saugeen Shores

Care of Boots and Blades

Skate guards should be worn when on any surface other than the ice. Dry your blades and sole plates with a cloth or chamois after use. Remove guards for storage between skating sessions. Air out boots and air dry blades when arriving home. When dried, place soft blade covers over the blades before placing your skates in your skate bag.


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