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Rowan Stringer, a high school Rugby player from Ottawa, Ontario, passed away in 2013 from Second Impact Syndrome due to multiple concussions suffered within a short period of time.

A coroner’s inquest into her death resulted in 49 recommendations to be implemented in an effort to prevent another tragedy such as this from happening in the future. Rowan’s Law, which passed unanimously at the Ontario Legislature on June 7, 2016, is a private members bill put forth by Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod (Napean-Carleton) along with Rowan’s parents, Gord and Kathleen Stringer designed to put these recommendations into action.

What is Second Impact Syndrome?

A concussion is a brain injury that ultimately results in a disturbance in the energy levels as well as blood flow within the brain. If the injury is managed appropriately through adequate recovery, most concussions recover without any additional or serious consequences. However, during this period of low energy, the brain is extremely vulnerable to additional trauma.

A second concussion during this recovery stage can result in a dangerous drop in energy levels and blood flow which leads to a rapid increase in swelling in the brain and death: this is Second Impact Syndrome. It is the result of suffering two concussions in a very short period of time (i.e., within a week or two). The scary part is that symptoms, meaning how you feel, have no bearing on the recovery level of the brain.

Rowan’s Story

On Friday May 3, 2013, Rowan was playing in a high school rugby tournament and in the last game of the day, she was tackled and removed from that game complaining of a headache. She had a game after school the following Monday (May 6) and was feeling great and ready to play. During that game someone stepped on her head and the headache returned; however, she did not tell anyone of this return in symptoms. On Wednesday (May 8), she had yet another game, which would be her last. She was tackled to the field, which resulted in a loss of consciousness that she never recovered. Doctors tried to relieve the swelling in her brain but were unable to do so.

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Shallow Lake Skating Club, Skate Ontario and Skate Canada are committed to the safety of all of our skaters.  All skaters above STAR 5 will be required to sign and submit and Acknowledgment Form indicating that they understand and will follow the concussion protocols.  Please read the appropriate resource and then complete the Acknowledgement Form and email to

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